Physical testing

The most of paper physical properties are according to the testing methods specified by JIS, ISO and TAPPI, etc. There are as many kinds of testers as many kinds specification of paper and board. They are required to measure several quality as high precision. 
KRK supply various paper phiysical tester to meet paper property and needs.
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Horizontal tensile tester (desktop type)

 This tester holds both sides of the test specimen and pulls it at a constant speed, to determine the maximum load up to failure and the elongation at failure, and the work required for failure.  When a specimen is inserted into this constant-rate-elongation machine, it is secured by two pneumatic clamps, then the test starts automatically.  The load cell connected to the fixed side clamp detects load, to calculate, display and outputs on the printer the tensile strength, elongation, breaking length, tensile energy and tensile stiffness. 

Wet tensile strength tester

A specially designed wetting water supply device is mounted on the standard horizontal tensile tester.  Dropping water from a dispenser, you can easily measure the wet tensile strength with this machine.  Immediately after water in the dispenser is dropped on the specimen, the tensile test is performed.  The amount of wetting water and the timing of test start after water dropping can be set as desired.
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