Pulp/Chip/Sheet former/Digester

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KRK refiner turns wood chip or other materials into pulp, conditions the pulp and makes fine fiber of synthetic fibers, glass fibers and carbon fibers.  

A considerable amount of waste paper is used as low cost material in tha age requiring resource and energy saving in the pulp and paper industry. KRK supplys several testers for these study area.

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KRK high-consistency disc refiner

The refiner is one of basic machines used in test and research area of pulp and paper industry and other related industries.  It turns wood chips into pulp, conditions the pulp, and makes pulp of synthetic fibers, glass fibers and carbon fibers.  With this machine, it is easy to perform processing into fiber and fibrillation of various polymers in diverse fields.  Its shape is the same as the practical refiner used in the manufacturing plant, producing the same quality of the actual final product.

KRK continuous high-consistency refiner

This refiner, like the No.2500-I, has been developed for continuous processing for a long time of various wood chips and other diverse fiber materials.  It is used in laboratories and intermediate plants.
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