KRK flute tester (virtical roll type)

  • Physical testing / Flute
  • Product Number No.2100-I

When using corrugated board for packaging material, structural quality study includes checking of characteristics such as flat crush strength, end crush strength, ply bond strength and corrugated medium strength. This tester is developed as a pre-processing device for collecting samples for testing those characteristics. It can form specimens as wide as 100mm.
It works in the following mechanism. On a corrugating machine, pre-heated corrugating medium is threaded through corrugating rolls (gear-shaped) heated to 177±5?C under a certain pressure, during which process corrugation is performed. The specimen formed is fixed in a rack using a ten-pin cantilever apparatus and then attached to the rack with double-faced adhesive tape to form one-sided corrugated board. A crush tester is used to compress the specimen and then the maximum load is measured.
J.TAPPI No.29-2000

参考規格 :

  • [TAPPI]T-809om-99


Flute rolls flute A: 200mm in diameter, 110mm wide Roll speed 1.5 to 9m/min., variable
Linear pressure 0 to 13kg/cm, variable Flute roll temperature 177±5℃
Temperature adjustment provided with temperature controller, with non-contact sensor Power souce three-phase 200/220VAC 50/60Hz 20A
Outer dimentions 820×490×550mm Instrument weight 123kg


KRK flute tester (horizontal roll type)

KRK flute tester (horizontal roll type)


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